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Due to an overwhelming customer response, demand for free Smart Strips is exceeding our available inventory. The last day to request an installation appointment is November 30, 2013.

Did you know that our electronics, even when they are turned off, are still drawing an electric current? That’s called phantom power, and you’re paying for it… in fact, it can account for 12% of all residential power consumption.

Installing a Smart Strip with your TV and computer can help you cut the phantom power that is eating your energy bills, saving you about $38 per year in energy costs.

To schedule a Smart Strips installation appointment, call 1-855-4PPL-PLUG (1-855-477-5758). Hurry, the supply is very limited!

Products offer surge protection. Click here for specifications. Savings estimates provided by Tricklestar and vary by device and hours of use. To calculate your individual energy savings, visit www.tricklestar.com

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